Add Politics to the Equation

Objective, high-frequency and actionable political risk analysis for global investors


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Real Time Political Risk Management

GeoQuant is a revolutionary platform that fuses political science with computer science to help global investors, analysts and other decision makers identify, track and price political risks in real time.

Our machine-learning software scrapes the web for large volumes of reputable data, news and social media content.

This data fuels intelligent algorithms that generate high-frequency, objective and actionable political risk scores, enhanced by a team of political scientists and country experts.


Decision Makers

Integrate political risk into investment decisions and risk management strategies.



Generate political risk metrics customized to your analytic viewpoint and client audience



Our software provides analysts and investors with a comprehensive, analytic toolkit to identify and compare risks across markets, in real time.

Monitor & Predict

Our early warning and prediction engines track data and indicators specific to your investments, operations and interests, helping you identify potential sources of political risk, and hedge against future uncertainty.

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Pricing political risk is hard. GeoQuant makes it easy.

Adding Politics to the Equation

Political risk matters, today more than ever. From the far-reaching effects of shock elections and geopolitical instability, to the daily impacts of shifting regulations and social unrest, political factors increasingly influence investment decisions that impact the bottom line.

But because political factors are difficult to identify--and even more difficult to quantify--they are often left out of the investment equation. Decision makers and analysts have been unable to incorporate politics into asset allocation or risk management strategies, instead relying on ad-hoc reports or static indicators to make critical decisions in real time.

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Real time political risk management